Tiny house built for Detroit's tiny house neighborhood, Cass Community Services

Homes First is a grassroots, no-profit, all volunteer collaboration between individuals who believe that housing is a basic human need, and that our responsibility in being good neighbors is doing our best in helping to find secure housing for all members of our community.

Specifically, we seek to provide economically and environmentally sustainable, “right sized” homes to Addison County residents that are designed and funded, fully or in large part, by the community that resides alongside them. We are a cohort of community members who cultivate partnerships in order to fund, build, and site right-sized, single-occupancy homes for those who cannot afford market rates, so that we all may live in Addison County. ● Motivated by community, not profit. This is not paid work for any of us. ● Not debt- fund any part of this process, in order to keep costs low. ● Incorporated as a 501c3, HomesFirstVT.

Our Vision See our Timeline Tiny Home Villages

Here's why

This is the trailer to the 2 films made by the Vermont student documentary crew who travelled across the country during the summer of 2019 to learn from people and communities who have successfully constructed these villages. See both films (20 minutes each) on our Timeline page.

Thank you to our partners

The whole is worth more than the sum of its parts. Thanks to so many people in Addison County who have offered guidance, pledged to work with us, and in many ways support this work.

  • Table 21 and Middlebury Congregational Church
  • St. Stephens Church, Middlebury
  • Middlebury Natural Foods Co-op Rally For Change
  • Champlain Valley Unitarian Universalist Donor Basket
  • Rhonda Williams, Jessica Danyow, Charlotte Chase, Steve and Kathy Jewitt, Barbara Richardson, Deb Heaaley, Jacqueline Kincaid, Barbara Richardson, Molly Smith, Jenna and Dan Sonneborn, Krista Siringo, Emily Joselson, Kim Kurak, Ingrid Pixley, Andrea Galiano, Jean Terwilliger, Maija Chamberlain, Cary Beckwith, Carol Price, Edwina Millington