Fall, 2022 - Summer, 2024

Patricia Hannaford Career Center Construction Tech,  Advanced Students are  building our first home!

Designed by local architects, Jean Terwilliger and Shelly Pottorf

PHCC partners with local tradespeople to inspect stages of this project.
This home is being built at the Career Center, built on a trailer, as a traditional tiny house. Once the home is situated at its permanent site, the wheels will be removed and the home will be connected to a cement foundation.

This partnership and collaboration has been a joyful one. The students are not only developing much needed workforce skills but they are experiencing what it is like to be a part of a community that cares about one another. In return, we are able to contain the cost of building the house so that we can keep the costs associated with leasing it below market rate.

Dimensions of first home:
30’ X 8.5’ X 13' (height)

This size is determined by highway regulations, in order to move this to its permanent site.

Who will live in this first home:

We are looking for someone to purchase this home as their primary home, or as an Accessory Dwelling Unit to be placed next to their home.

This person will contractually agree with HomesFirst to rent this home to someone who qualifies.

PURCHASE PRICE is $65k. This is below market rate, and allows us to seed the next 1-2 homes.

We are currently looking for 3 acre parcel to build on-site homes, with PHCC and volunteer crews, in order to actualize our long-term vision of a village of environmentally, economically sustainable, beautiful and well-crafted homes.

September, 2018 - June, 2020

Small group of us met biweekly as a research group, learning from community leaders in the field and interested citizens, sharing resources and shaping our vision.

We are grateful for the knowledge and support from folks from Habitat for Humanity, Middlebury College Architecture Department, Hannaford Career Center's Design Build Program, Silver Maple Construction, Norwich University, real estate agents in our communities, the Housing Coaltion of Addison County and many more.

John Dale, a beloved and respected architect in MIddlebury who passed last Spring, worked with us to propose a design charrette for the AIA Design Conference. Check out the renderings on our Our Vision page.

Vermont Student Documentary Trip drove across the country learning from other communities who are successfully managing tiny home villages. Watch our two videos that were made to share our research.

We held Information meetings and film screenings of our documentary at Isley Library, Middlebury Marquis Theater and Unitarian Universalist Church.

Here’s HOW! by Tikko Freilich and CFTOR crew

Here’s WHY! by Abijah Palmer Guest

Immediate Goal - September, 2020 - December, 2020

Raise 90K for 3 homes for Addison County residents.

In partnership with local service providers to find residents.

By December 2020:

  • Already built by a builder in Bellows Falls. This is ‘turn-key’ ready, just waiting for funding to purchase and move. We are currently partnering with Addison County Housing Coalition to find potential resident and ownership structure. 30k
  • Patricia Hannaford Career Center Design and Build students to construct one during the 2021/2022 school year. 30k materials cost
  • Norwich University Architecture Program collaboration with Independent Bellows Falls student, design/build a tiny home. 30k materials cost

Land Acquisition in Middlebury

We are seeking a minimum 3 acre parcel within public transportation and town services of Middlebury.

We are hoping to start the infrastructure in Spring, 2021; to permanently place the first couple of homes Summer or Fall, 2021.